I value honesty, fairness, open communications, fiscal responsibility, friendliness, approachability, dependability, creativity and effective leadership.

My Platform: Working For You

No one elected official can take credit for the achievement of any one accomplishment.  Every effort is a collective one. I wish to lend my skills as a facilitator, communicator and negotiator to create an environment where people are working together toward a shared vision, mission and goals.

My motto is “Working for You”.  This means that I will make sure our city supports its residents’ interests first.  This promise includes your safety and supporting the departments that provide it.

The Future is Bright – Provided the Right Work is Done Now

In the past three years Hudson has seen many Senior Staff retirements.  I participated in the hiring process for a new Community Development Director, a new Finance Director, a new Public Utilities Director, a new City Clerk, and a new Public Works Foreman.  The city also has a new Chief of Police and soon we will need a new City Engineer.

With each new hire, we have identified opportunities for updates.  This a great opportunity for process improvements. It will be one of my top priorities to get these relatively new, senior staff together and regroup on mission, vision, goals and priorities. This gets us all pointed in the same direction.  There is strength in teamwork and consensus. I want to ensure that this work gets done now while everyone is relatively new and energy is high. The results will be a strong foundation for our city’s progress and direction for the next couple of decades.  I don’t take this opportunity lightly. It’s one to be seized!

Long Term Public EMS Solution

Working for a bright future also means one where our public safety services are financially secure for the long term.  We should not underfund any department and then claim it is insolvent. We make them insolvent by underfunding and not providing other sound management and leadership resources.  

Hudson’s EMS department is currently in a transition phase with its staffing model.  As expected with any transition, we’ve seen some hiccups. As Mayor I will commit to meeting with the EMS chief weekly throughout the rest of this transition.  I will also work to ensure the EMS Commission is providing proper guidance, direction and the support our EMS department needs. My commitment to our public services will not end when the transition is complete.  I will work to make sure that after the transition time is complete, additional steps are identified to secure this invaluable public service for long term.

Public Safety

I support working cooperatively with our partners and stakeholders to find and implement a long-term, public EMS solution. I also support the plans underway for a new fire station on the Ward Avenue site. Support of our EMS, Police and Fire services is a top priority.

Community Development

I will lead Hudson in smart, responsible and sustainable growth. I support the 2018-19 community development plan that includes annexations as well as Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts for the St. Croix Meadows redevelopment and downtown. I also support a plan to improve downtown parking.


During my past three years as chair of the Public Works Committee, the City has undertaken several much-needed infrastructure updates including Vine Street and Wisconsin Street improvements. I support long-term planning for improvements to the upper section of Vine Street from 9th to Wisconsin Street, studies of the Carmichael Road corridor and I-94 interchange, along with planning around the St. Croix Meadows redevelopment.


I support establishing urban trails to connect our city parks. I also support planning that would connect Hudson to St. Croix County’s recreational trails. Our riverfront and parks are a jewel of the city and a huge part of the area’s tourism.

Sustainable Growth

I ask for your vote to serve as Hudson’s next mayor. It has been an honor and privilege to serve as District 5 Alderperson for 7 years. That history with Hudson government and staff, along with my skills as a facilitator, communicator and negotiator and my experience as a business owner will help to create an environment where people are working together toward a shared vision, mission and goals.