Dear Hudson Voter:

I am challenging Hudson’s current mayor in the April 3 election.  Both of us are “tuned in” to Hudson’s current projects. We both have leadership experience, and each of us is clearly qualified to do the job.  In my opinion, after it is all boiled down, it really comes to one main issue. That issue is the privatization of our common public interest in our public safety departments.

Last June, City Council voted 5-1 not to privatize our EMS.  However, that also means that we came within just two votes of privatizing our EMS.  Had two other council members voted in favor of it, the Mayor would have been the tiebreaker, and he would have voted for privatization.  It became crystal clear to me how quickly and easily this might happen again. I made a promise to myself that this is something I can’t let happen, and won’t, if I can help it.  I promise that I will work tirelessly to make sure that it does not happen.

The issue is not over.  While sitting in Common Council, we consistently hear from the current Mayor that  “if EMS can’t be sustainable, we may have to consider other options.” I see our Public Safety as a group of three: Police, Fire and EMS.  I don’t consider EMS something that we can just cut out of the budget. If any of these departments truly becomes unsustainable, leaderships’ job is to make them sustainable again.  Just like I would never consider privatizing Police or Fire, I will not vote to turn our trust and support of EMS over to private, for-profit corporate interests. Rather, I will work to make sure that our EMS department has the resources, systems and support it needs to become sustainable for the long-haul.

Remember that private corporations have a legal allegiance to their shareholders first, not their customers.  My motto is “Working for You”. This means that I will make sure our city supports its residents’ interests first.  This promise includes your safety and supporting the departments that provide it.

Every vote counts.  This election is very important.  Please vote for candidates who will support our public services.  

I respectfully ask for your support with a vote for me on April 3.  



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